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As a web page is the first point of contact with the customer on the Internet, it is essential to have an elegant, attractive, dynamic and visually adaptable presence to any electronic device.

IT Support and Outsourcing

Our commitment is always to attend in an efficient and effective way; and without a doubt, a timely revision will always improve the performance and the useful life of your product.

Audiovisual production

A video projects more than a static image, Video Marketing is a worldwide trend especially to communicate through social networks.


Jarbor Luthier

Company in the city of Granada, they are experts in the manufacture of electronic string instruments, exporting them to the US and Europe.

Logistica Corporativa S.a.

National and international logistics company; and cargo transportation services.

Perla Negra Jewelry

Leading company in Nicaragua in the production of personalized jewelry in gold and precious stones.

Drugstore Reanara S.A.

Distributor of medicines and medical supplies.

High Line International

Nicaraguan company specialized in installation, design and distribution of solar energy.

Truck Posting LLC

American company specialized in cargo and vegetable transportation.

Forget about viruses

Today’s threats take new forms and are called Malware. That is why we think that “Anti-Malware” is the most appropriate term, even if it is the same as what is commonly known as “Anti-Virus”.

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