Get a USA number!

the number of the State that you prefer… FL, CA, TX, etc…

Create confidence and security in your US customers

…and get closer to your potential customers.

We assign it to you on your Smartphone!

You can receive calls directly on your smartphone.

Receive calls from your US corporate number

the value of the call at the Local rate (from the USA)

FOR corporate or personal USE

receive your calls
from usa

is a service that allows its residential and small business customers to use a cell phone (Smartphone) and broadband Internet connection to make and receive calls to the United States as if you were there.


What do you need?


select your US number

  • Available from anywhere in the United States
  • Choose your number (you select from the available list).



  • You must have a smartphone, it can be Android/iOS
  • Internet Access/Data Plan, or
  • Wi-Fi connectivity


dial and call

  • Ready!

your number in the US, and you here

no limits

You can choose your telephone number in the Area (State) of the USA that you prefer, and by having it configured on your cell phone, you will be able to make calls from anywhere in the world, you only need a Broadband INTERNET connection and a battery on your cell phone to talk and talk and talk!!!


“I own a furniture business in Chinandega, Nicaragua and I decided to open a business in the United States, so I associated with friends from there and offered my products, I hired a number located in Miami with CLICKEFECTIVES and customers call us directly from the US and I serve them here in Nicaragua.”

Alejandro torres

elegance furniture


your number is your own, no one can clone it or claim it in the US


you don't need to buy an extra device


you just need to have internet


you do not consume your minutes from your national company


if you travel, you can use it wherever you go

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