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Today’s threats take new forms and are called Malware. That is why we think that “Anti-Malware” is the most appropriate term, even if it is the same as what is commonly known as “Anti-Virus”.
Stop ransomware, before encrypting your files
With Emsisoft Browser Security your INTERNET searches are protected by means of a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Edge that blocks malicious websites without compromising your privacy. More about Emsisoft browser security

Security plugins for browsers

Web browsing secure

Four layers of protection proven to block online threats at every level


1. Web protection and browser security

If a user attempts to access a malicious website, Emsisoft Anti-Malware will immediately block the connection and prevent access.
Leadership in privacy-aware filtering without SSL exploitation.


2. Real-time file protection

This layer of real-time protection checks all downloaded and modified files with Emsisoft’s award-winning super-fast dual-engine scanner.
Including malware detection supported by machine learning (AI).


3. Behavior Blocker

To stop new and emerging threats, Emsisoft Anti-Malware continuously monitors the behavior of all active processes and immediately generates an alert if suspicious activity is detected.


4. Anti ransomware

Custom behavior monitoring stops ransomware before it can encrypt any files.



Signature-based detection

Thanks to our intelligence gathering network and our exclusive partnership with ID Ransomware, we discover new and emerging threats quickly. Because of this, we are often the first to market with protection against new and emerging threats, ensuring your endpoints are protected in the shortest amount of time.


exploit detection

Breaks attack chains used by ransomware. Exploit detection and attack surface reduction in common applications like Microsoft Office ensures ransomware is blocked , whether the vector is email, insecure RDP, or unpatched vulnerabilities.

Behavior-Based Detection

Emsisoft Anti-Malware constantly monitors for ransomware-like actions, such as tampering with important processes, and generates an alert if suspicious behavior is detected.

Ransomware Specific Behavior

Automatically detects and blocks known ransomware behaviors, such as encrypting a large number of files, dropping a ransom note-like document, or attempting to encrypt or delete backups.
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complete software and does not slow down your computer equipment

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Centrally manage your devices.
An easy-to-use web console to maintain an overview of protection across all your devices.

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  1. Before installing Emsisoft Anti-Malware, first uninstall any version of other antivirus that you have previously installed,
  2. restart your computer… and now yes,
  3. Install Emsisoft Anti-Malware.
  4. If you have a license, register it at the time of installation.


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