Personalized attention

You will always have a technician available to assist you

Plans adjusted to your budget

we have what you need, and at the best market price
without losing quality.

Automatic backups without your intervention

The user does not care about saving,
it is silent and consumes the minimum in memory.

Now money from your company


Our IT Outsourcing service will allow all your teams to have a team of engineers and technicians available to assist you as soon as possible in case emergencies or in case of any eventuality that arises during your working hours.

Advantages competitive


With us you save the expenditure of social benefits for IT personnel, because we assume the expenses of vacations, Christmas bonus, INSS and IR of the IT staff who will be at your disposal when you need them.


Constant technical service by telephone, remotely and in person (when necessary)available on business days in case of any eventuality.


In addition to telling us by phone and remotely, we present ourselves personally to solve your problem and we do not charge overtime or additional charges, we remove of the place until the problem is resolved.

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The most important asset is INFORMATION, and we are aware of this, so when CONTRACTING our services we offer you a AUTOMATIC BACKUP CONTROL SYSTEM.

The most valuable thing on your computer is the information, protect it!



Having your own daily backup will allow your collaborators to recover the lost time of information in case of loss or permanent damage to your equipment.


recovery of old versions

Has it happened to you that you have done a job that has taken you many days of work, you temporarily saved it on your Desktop and after a while you need it and now you can’t find it? Well, now you can rest easy because our system takes care of doing it for you.



Little consumption of RAM and processing, the user does not perceive that his equipment is backed up.

Control system

Did you know that a cell phone of your collaborators consumes the same or more INTERNET than any computer dedicated to carrying out daily work in your company. To control the INTERNET consumption of all your collaborators, we installed a BANDWIDTH CONTROL SYSTEM FOR ALL YOUR COLLABORATORS.

Your company's INTERNET service is worth a lot, it's time to OPTIMIZE IT!


you can restrict internet consumption

You will be able to limit the INTERNET consumption for users and/or equipment that do not need to have high demand privileges, you will even be able to permanently or temporarily block certain users.


They will be able to work from home

All or some collaborators will be able to work at home as if they were in the office, through the implementation of a private and secure VPN.


Detailed reporting system

You will also have the option of having a detailed report of consumption, downloads, accesses of a certain user, by date and time.


Blocks to idle pages and recreational downloads

You can block all kinds of access to idle pages, social networks, video streaming (Youtube), pages with adult content, movie download pages, etc.

Computers protected by
Antivirus with original license

We know that your computers must be protected for this, CLICKEFECTIVOS installs ANTIVIRUS WITH LICENSE, awarded internationally for protecting your computers efficiently .

Forget viruses – today's threats take new forms and are called Malware.


Anti Bots

Prevent your PC from becoming a remote controlled zombie; that is to say that it becomes an automatic zombie sending SPAM WITHOUT YOU REALIZING IT.

Anti Ransomware

It detects and blocks any RANSOMWARE attempt, which is the technique used by attackers to enter your PC through unpatched software and encrypt all your files.

Anti Banking Trojans

Detects and blocks phishing techniques and keyloggers, which hackers use to obtain your most valuable passwords and invisibly empty your bank or PayPal accounts in seconds.

Anti PUPs

Detects and blocks potentially unwanted programs that mess up your computer with useless browser toolbars, tons of commercials, and other PC-slowing clutter.

+15 years of experience

We know what we do and we do it well!

Minimum response times

Your problem will be solved shortly

preventive and corrective

Preventive tasks, in addition to extending the useful life of your equipment, correct problems before the user’s work is affected and suspended, stopping with it their productivity and efficiency of their services.

A continuously revised team yields much more.


hardware changes

The useful life of a piece of equipment can be lengthened by changing certain accessories that will even make you feel like you’re using a new one! Come and ask us, we help you.

physical cleaning

We understand its importance because it is vital for the equipment to have the necessary conditions to avoid overheating and greater ventilation, thus optimizing and lengthening its useful life.

Software Cleanup

Many times the slowness of the equipment depends on factors of “carelessness” in the optimization of resources… we know what you need.

MAC and Windows support

We attend to problems with MAC and Windows equipment, support and preventive and corrective maintenance, we change hardware and optimize.


The internal data network is of vital importance for the interconnection of equipment and the transfer of information in a collaborative data environment. With the help of our equipment advice, you will be able to obtain the necessary speed in your file transfers, saving valuable waiting times for your company.

The speed of your communications affects the performance of your company.


LAN structured cabling

We make point-to-point connections, respecting all international norms and standards.

wireless networks / Wi-Fi

We create connection networks through Wi-Fi, which will allow you to connect from anywhere in your company without losing the quality of its signal.


  • Write us and request a quote
  • Evaluative technical visit to your offices
  • Approve proposal
  • Sign contract
  • Ready!
  • Any guarantee will be invalidated when:
    • The product does not have a legible serial number
    • If the equipment was handled, opened or checked by technical personnel not authorized or certified by the manufacturer
    • If the security seal is altered or tampered with
    • In the case of printers, generic products or refilled consumables were used

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